A cryptocurrency for exchanging virtual credits from forums and websites

Opening the door for your credits, karma, points, reputation to the whole world

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We Create Safe Cryptocurrency
Drive Your Site Successfully

BBSCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for exchanging virtual credits. Whether it is the virtual money gained in the forums, points you collected on the websites or karmas given by your coworkers in the Slack / HipChat. BBS provides a bridge for it to the greater the world.


Ring Signatures

We leverage Ring Signatures to give you true privacy so you can integrate whatever your need is.


We think a coin by itself means nothing. So an ecosystem and easy to consume API was planned from the beginning.

Cryptonight Lite v7

We made the coin easy to mine, so anyone can share a part.

184 billion

We designed the coin to have a large supply so you will never worry about the fractions.




First half of year

Desktop wallet Done
Official pool Done
Pool upgrade to support the latest Node.js version Done
Discuz! integration Done
Phpwind integration Done
myBB integration Done
SMF integration Done
First exchange listing Done
Difficulty algorithm update Done
Cryptonight v7 fork to make BBS ASIC resistance Done
Web Wallet Done
Web wallet API for integrations Done
API documentation for web wallet API Done

Second half of year

Internationalization of official websites Done
Web miner in the browser Done
Update all the forum plugins to use the web wallet API Done
Increase the adoption of BBS in websites and forums Done
More exchanges Done


Bounty program
New air-drop website and second round of air-drop
Web hook for web wallet API
Continuous improving the API and documentation
Continuous improving the processing speed of web wallet
Increase the adoption of BBS in websites and forums
Rewrite the desktop wallet
More exchanges
Android app
iPhone app
Enhanced integrations
Site admin service platform


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